Circular Floating Districts - a new brand by Willand Concept Development. Our new concept "VLOAT" is launched at the Worlds largest real estate event MipiM 2022 in Cannes. Check out all our plans which we develop thoughout Europe and over seas.

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KRFT is an architectural studio from Amsterdam and runs projects in The Netherlands, Belgium and the UK.

"KRFT operates in a reality where the profession of the architect is changing rapidly, shifting its borders and expanding its universe. In this new paradigm, the reality of architecture -space and material - is often becoming secondary to its virtual reality - image and story."

Willand is Business Developer for KRFT. We are in search to connect KRFT with new clients, developers and architectural design firms to collaborate on future projects. Read more about KRFT here.


PATCHWORK, designed by Barcode Architects and krft, will be one of the first developments in the future sustainable Sluisbuurt area in Amsterdam. For the design, the architectural offices joined forces and won the tender for Sluisbuurt plot 5A1 in cooperation with ABC Planontwikkeling, EarthY, DGMR, and Buro Sant en Co.


Medical science and technologies for a safer and healthier world. The Ryberg Anti-viral robots are available for a demo. Are you looking for the next generation solutions in desinfection for your Real Estate, contact our Ryberg Business developer for more information. Send an email to or call us.


Willem Jan is besides architect also a professional sailor in offshore sailing. To connect both worlds Willand is a co-host of teambuilding events with it's Real Estate relations on the 60 ft. Volvo Ocean Racer BOUdragon.

In collaboration with Volvo Ocean Race skipper Hans Bouscholte / BOUsailing and Holland Ocean Racing we set sail from several Dutch and Belgian Main Ports.

If you have the #Bucketlist dream to set sail on a legendary Volvo Ocean Racer, please get in touch!

BOUdragon sailing on the Eems Estuary in 2019