Sailing Architect

Design & Development - New Business & Sailing

"Sailing Architect"

As a sailing architect, I am exploring the impact of sustainable developments.

Within Architecture I am passionate to create impact in a sustainable and circular way. By incorporating all features we need to change our built environment towards a 100% sustainable future to live in!

Within the company of Circular Floating Districts B.V. I develop circular floating architectural projects in The Netherlands and abroad.

By Sailing on a professional level on Sailing Yachts, I skipper during unique offshore experiences on several Sailing Yachts. On the Volvo 60 BOUdragon we explore how we can operate as a solid team and reach the best boat- & teamperformance. In close collaboration with Hans Bouscholte & Team Holland Ocean Racing. 

Image by Dim Balsem - Holland Ocean Racing - North Sea Race 2022


Circular Floating Districts B.V, is a concept design- and development company of living, working and recreational environments on the water. We devise future-proof and innovative circular floating concepts.


Within the concept of VLOAT® we have designed 4 types of islands, the Water Block, the Water Court, the Water Community (Image below) and the Water Villas.


Image: Circular Floating Districts, krft, Candela Visual

New Business

Willem Jan is business developer for architecture studios. To deliver new leads in his network of real estate professionals and build their portfolios. All firms are having their own specific identity and vision on the future of the build environment. Topics which are of great value are: Circular Design - Sustainability - Innovative design - Inclusiveness - People & Planet. 


krft architects from Amsterdam. A studio led by Oscar Vos and Thomas Dieben, with an international team of architects operating in the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK. Krft is designing a wide range of projects in which the craftmanship, circular design and building in wood is their specialism. One of the key projects in Amsterdam is their design of Patchwork, a high rise housing project in collaboration with Barcode Architects.


Studio Sabra, led by Gabriel Schwake and Rotem Shenitzer Schwake are an upcoming architecture, urbanism and design studio. With works in Israel, The Netherlands, France and the United States of America.  Studio Sabra is a small firm which collaborates with fellow architects on a diverse range of projects, like the Urban Design for Gaaton BLVD in Nahariya, Israel.




As a parttime professional sailor Willem Jan is operating as a skipper & navigator.


Willem Jan is skipper and navigator on the 60ft Volvo Ocean Racer BOUdragon (Ex Silk-Cut) and several other yachts. He is the co-founder of the foundation Holland Ocean Racing, in close collaboration with Hans Bouscholte, skipper in the Volvo Ocean Race, experienced leadership coach and keynote speaker. Holland Ocean Racing - Ocean Races Academy is a Big Boat education platform for the next generation offshore sailors.


Willem Jan & Hans are available to give a combined lecture about their sailing experience and the parallel with their business in Architecture & Real Estate (Willem Jan) and Leadership Coaching (Hans). Send a PM for more info.


Boatspeed >26 knots by Team Holland Ocean Racing in summer 2023!